Rabbi Rubin comes highly recommended by the local Rabbis here in Staten Island. As the grandparents of a new baby boy, we were a little nervous, as we remember how long and painful the recovery and healing used to be for a Bris. Rabbi Rubin explained in detail exactly what was being done and the…

Sammy & Beverly Weiss (718) 698 - 8236 Staten Island NY

Having Rabbi Rubin perform our son Shmuel’s circumcision was a wonderful blessing. Not only did he demonstrate utmost professionalism in his surgical technique, his words and actions showed a genuine care for our family. He truly made us feel comfortable with the entire procedure and before we could take a breath, the entire Bris was…

Yitzy and Tehila Deutch (917) 689 - 2577 Brooklyn NY

We were privileged to have Rabbi Rubin as the Mohel for our son Shimshon Dovid’s Bris, on Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach. His devotion and skill are unmatched. We advise all, to honor Rabbi Rubin with their child’s Bris.

Yonason & Rivka Rosman (718) 477 - 9782 Staten Island NY

Rabbi Rubin has served as the Mohel for our fifth son Yechezkel. His precision professionalism and care were so amazing, we’re sorry we didn’t use him as the Mohel for our first four children.

Zev & Penina Pruzansky (732) 942 – 4663 Lakewood NJ

We were very pleased with Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin with the circumcision of our son Avraham Yitzchak. Thank You for Everything.

The Grossmans Lakewood NJ

Dear Rabbi Rubin Shlita, Thanks for your services and good job for the Bris of our son. May we keep on meeting by Simchos. Yasher Kochacha.

Pesach Brody Pesach Brody Staten Island NY