The Bergers Staten Island NY

To Rabbi Rubin, Amush Thank you for doing a great job. Your sensitivity and care of our new baby was greatly appreciated. May you continue to service Klal Yisroel with such care and concern in bringing children to Avraham’s bris. With much respect,

Janet (347) 677 - 4100 Staten Island NY

Rabbi Rubin served as the Mohel for my grandson Tzvi. Rabbi Rubin has been so supportive for my daughter as a new mother. We found him to be warm and compassionate. The Bris ceremony was done in my house amongst friends & family. Rabbi Rubin is so knowledgeable and willing to share it. He kept the atmosphere friendly, happy & lively. We are grateful that we found him. Thank You Rabbi Rubin!

The Ohayon family, David, Ilanit, Le’el Yakov and Orel Avraham (973) 218 - 6702 Springfield NJ

To Rabbi Avraham, Thank you very much for your effort of being there for our new baby boy, Orel Avraham. We appreciate it especially for being the Mohel for Orel Avraham during Yom Kippur. Gmar Chatima Tova and we should know only smachot.

Avital & Charlie Rubin Staten Island NY

To Rabbi Rubin, Thanks for being there for Benji and for us as well. We wish you much success and only the best. Regards,

Ari & Aliza Guttman (347) 286 - 0688 Staten Island NY

Using Rabbi Rubin as our Mohel for our newest addition was an amazing experience, he made us feel confident and calm that everything will be taken care of to the utmost perfection, and it was. He was punctual, efficient and performed perfectly, totally taking charge from before the Bris, during the Bris ceremony and with all the aftercare. Rabbi Rubin was there for anything we needed. We highly recommend Rabbi Rubin as an expert Mohel. We want to thank you for all your help and support you gave us throughout the entire Bris process and aftercare. Everyone there was extremely impressed. Thank You So Much!!

Yitz & Tamar Rubin 02-540-0330 054-257-9557 (718) 337 - 8552 Har Nof Israel

Wow!!! What an exhilarating experience. Me and my wife were petrified about the thought of our first sons circumcision but, Rabbi Rubin stepped up to the plate and really delivered a home run. From the first time he stepped through our front door we knew we made an excellent decision. With his charismatic and confident approach he gracefully and courteously bid us shalom; then with his strong and powerful demeanor he approached our 6 day old son. With strong yet ever so delicate fingers he checked our treasure with the utmost care and professionalism and that was just the start of our amazing experience with the WORLDS BEST MOHEL. Even though we were honored to have as our sandek Hagaon Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv Shlita, Rabbi Rubin performed with unbelievable calmness and precision. I strongly urge first time parents and regulars to use the one and only Rabbi Rubin. You won’t be disappointed!

Sammy & Beverly Weiss (718) 698 - 8236 Staten Island NY

Rabbi Rubin comes highly recommended by the local Rabbis here in Staten Island. As the grandparents of a new baby boy, we were a little nervous, as we remember how long and painful the recovery and healing used to be for a Bris. Rabbi Rubin explained in detail exactly what was being done and the healing took less than 48 hours from the actual time of the circumcision. Rabbi Rubin showed such care and professionalism, being available at all times for our care and comfort. We highly recommend Rabbi Rubin to be your child or grandchild’s Mohel.

Yitzy and Tehila Deutch (917) 689 - 2577 Brooklyn NY

Having Rabbi Rubin perform our son Shmuel’s circumcision was a wonderful blessing. Not only did he demonstrate utmost professionalism in his surgical technique, his words and actions showed a genuine care for our family. He truly made us feel comfortable with the entire procedure and before we could take a breath, the entire Bris was over, leaving our precious baby Shmuel fast asleep and content. Rabbi Rubin’s knowledge, his ceremony and his medical care and expertise were so reassuring to us. I wish such service on everyone enjoying this momentous occasion.

Yonason & Rivka Rosman (718) 477 - 9782 Staten Island NY

We were privileged to have Rabbi Rubin as the Mohel for our son Shimshon Dovid’s Bris, on Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach. His devotion and skill are unmatched. We advise all, to honor Rabbi Rubin with their child’s Bris.

Zev & Penina Pruzansky (732) 942 – 4663 Lakewood NJ

Rabbi Rubin has served as the Mohel for our fifth son Yechezkel. His precision professionalism and care were so amazing, we’re sorry we didn’t use him as the Mohel for our first four children.

The Grossmans Lakewood NJ

We were very pleased with Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin with the circumcision of our son Avraham Yitzchak. Thank You for Everything.

Pesach Brody Pesach Brody Staten Island NY

Dear Rabbi Rubin Shlita, Thanks for your services and good job for the Bris of our son. May we keep on meeting by Simchos. Yasher Kochacha.

The Guttermans (732) 901 – 4021 Lakewood NJ

We used Rabbi Rubin as the Mohel for our son. We were extremely impressed with his expertise and care, from beginning till end. Rabbi Rubin was always available with any questions we had. The Milah went smoothly and our son did not seem to be experiencing any major discomforts. We highly recommend Rabbi Rubin as a Mohel.

David L. Staten Island NY

To whom it may concern, My wife Marianna and I just had our first son in July 2009, and since we were not originally from the Staten Island area, we did not know who we should use to do our son’s Bris. I did some research online and came across Rabbi Rubin. Obviously such an important decision needs to be scrutinized and Google does not seem to be the best place to find such a service, however, after speaking with Rabbi Rubin, I was instantly confident in his ability and put to ease about our decision. My wife was still unsure, but once Rabbi Rubin came to our home and met with us looked over the baby, and played with our son, she was won over as well. We were impressed with how quickly and carefully he did the Bris, the baby only cried from the guard and not the actual circumcision. Rabbi Rubin remained in constant contact after the Bris and once the bandages were removed, to make sure the healing process was coming along well. We highly recommend Rabbi Rubin to any new parent looking for a qualified Mohel. Thanks again Rabbi Rubin!

Leorah Landman, MD Staten Island, NY

I am very happy that we used Rabbi Avrohom Rubin as the mohel for my grandson. He did an excellent job. He was reliable and punctual and explained very clearly what to expect during and following the bris. He was also very calm and patient with the baby’s anxious parents. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Anna Shindelman, M.D. Belilovsky Pediatrics, 690 Bay Street (718) 815 - 7050 Staten Island NY

My patient, Jordan Eisler was circumcised by Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin. Jordan’s circumcision was performed with precision and Rabbi Rubin’s technique and method was done with utmost professionalism. After observing Jordan’s healing and care extended by Rabbi Rubin, I Dr. Anna Shindelman, highly recommend Mohel Rabbi Rubin for your child’s circumcision.

Dr. L. Emmer, M.D. Victory Internal Medicine, P.C. (718) 477 - 6900 Staten Island NY

Regarding Rabbi Rubin To Whom It May Concern: I know Rabbi Rubin from the community, and fully support his activities as Mohel. He is an upstanding member of the community. Very truly yours,

Dr. Eliyahu Kopstick, D.O. (718) 447 - 6900 Staten Island NY

To Whom It May Concern, Over the years I have gotten to know Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin. He shows devotion towards families he has serviced and has a real knowledge in the intricate procedure of performing a perfect precise circumcision. He adheres to the sterile medically recognized procedure only using the most safe and clean tools even minimizing a lot of the child’s discomfort. I have attended many circumcisions he has done and have been amazed at how at some of them I have not even heard the baby cry. Rabbi Rubin has a great presence and will make your sons Bris Milah into a most uplifting occasion. I, Dr. Eliyahu Kopstick highly recommend Mohel Rabbi Avrohom Rubin for your child’s upcoming circumcision.

Dr. D. Cereb M.D. (718) 982 - 9001 Staten Island NY

This is to certify that Jacob Weiss has been under my care for the following: 1 month checkup. Remarks: Circumcision was done properly by the Rabbi (Rabbi Rubin).