Wow!!! What an exhilarating experience. Me and my wife were petrified about the thought of our first sons circumcision but, Rabbi Rubin stepped up to the plate and really delivered a home run. From the first time he stepped through our front door we knew we made an excellent decision. With his charismatic and confident approach he gracefully and courteously bid us shalom; then with his strong and powerful demeanor he approached our 6 day old son. With strong yet ever so delicate fingers he checked our treasure with the utmost care and professionalism and that was just the start of our amazing experience with the WORLDS BEST MOHEL. Even though we were honored to have as our sandek Hagaon Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv Shlita, Rabbi Rubin performed with unbelievable calmness and precision. I strongly urge first time parents and regulars to use the one and only Rabbi Rubin. You won’t be disappointed!

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